North Richland Hills

Tarrant County’s City of Choice


Often rated among the best places to live in America, North Richland Hills’s title of the third-largest city in Tarrant County makes sense. Though considered upper-middle class now, its origins are somewhat humbling. It started when W.S. Peters brought 600 families to the area as part of a land grant. North Richland Hills (NRH) was a rural ranching community until 1952. Richland Hills’s rejected annexation of a 268-acre dairy farm led to the city’s official incorporation. Rapid population growth followed and its population now rests at around 70,000.

Though its awards set it apart from nearby communities, NRH shares one major characteristic with its neighbors: it’s hot as Death Valley in the summertime. With both July and August having an average high temperature of 96 degrees, you’d be hard-pressed to survive without a working air conditioner. Fortunately, as a resident of North Richland Hills, you’re just a phone call away from the HVAC experts at Williamson's.

Trust Williamson's with your ac in North Richland Hills.

Quality AC Replacement and Repair in North Richland Hills

Broken air conditioners are rarely a welcome sight in Texas. But, because of all they are put through, breakdowns are inevitable. In North Richland Hills, the AC repairs that follow aren’t something you can put off for a cooler day. And, as a resident of North Richland Hills just a call away from Williamson's, there’s no reason to.

Masters of HVAC, Williamson's’s team of air conditioning experts can promptly diagnose the cause of your breakdown. Our company’s thorough processes, meanwhile, ensure we fix the right problem and limit the potential for reoccurences. After finalizing the solution, our AC repair expert will present you with a no-obligation quote. Things you can rely on us to handle include:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Replacement
  • AC Installation
  • AC Maintenance
  • Compressor Repair
  • Refrigerant Line Repair
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Heat Pump Replacement
  • Heat Pump Maintenance

If it turns out your AC unit in North Richland Hills is beyond saving, we offer financing options and coupons to help manage the cost of air conditioning installation.

Our Expertise Doesn’t End When the Mercury Drops

While known for its balmy weather, Texas isn’t without its cold spots. For roughly a quarter of the year, average lows struggle to crest 40 degrees. During those months, North Richland Hills residents have to rely on heaters for comfort and warmth. Like any piece of equipment, however, furnaces and heat pumps wear down over time. This can result in loose wires, bad heat exchangers, and full-on breakdowns. When cold strikes, our HVAC technicians are reachable for prompt and quality heating services.

Heating services we provide in North Richland Hills include:

  • Heater Repair
  • Heater Replacement
  • New Heater Installation
  • Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Replacement
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Heater Maintenance

To ensure your heater is ready for what winter throws its way, we suggest getting it tuned up on a yearly basis. During this annual appointment, our technician will examine your furnace or heater for dirt and signs of damage. To learn more about the costs of HVAC maintenance, give (817) 367-2074 a call.

Commercial Refrigeration and HVAC Services You Can Count On

Businesses in the North Richland Hills area turn to {COMPANYABBVCOMPANY} when comfort goes on vacation. This is because of our reputation for providing the service that companies like yours require. This involves not only showing up on time but scheduling HVAC service in a way that minimizes downtime and interruptions. As a true expert, we can work with any brand, type, or model of commercial refrigeration or HVAC equipment.

Our comprehensive business services include:

Commercial Refrigeration

All that stock in your cooler is a sunk cost if you can’t get it working. Fortunately, our North Richland Hills refrigeration experts are just a phone call away. Upon arriving, they’ll take a look at your freezer or walk-in cooler. From there, diagnosis and a fair price quote will follow. Reach out to us at to schedule commercial refrigeration service in North Richland Hills.

Commercial AC

While they may look similar, commercial air conditioners are typically much larger than residential ones. Maintaining and repairing these units is best left to an expert in commercial air conditioning. This is doubly true in an area like North Richland Hills where triple digits are common. Put our 30 years of commercial AC experience to work for you.

Commercial Heating

Your company’s furnace might spend most of the year collecting dust, but it’s still vital to both client and employee comfort. Our commercial heating experts are here to ensure every one in North Richland Hills stays as snug as a bug in a rug. Consider signing up for a commercial maintenance plan for hassle-free heating service.

HVAC Finish-Outs

Williamson's partners with contractors to provide comprehensive finishing services in the North Richland Hills area. Whether you want the whole building to rely on one or many units, we can safely handle the installation. To schedule an HVAC finishing quote in North Richland Hills, call Williamson's. We look forward to helping make your building everything you dreamed of.

North Richland Hills Turns to Us for Superior HVAC Service

Professionalism, reliability, honesty, and accuracy. These are the qualities people in North Richland Hills look for in an HVAC contractor, and the ones that Williamson's AC Contracting’s employees reflect. Since 1994, we've been providing the DFW area with expert opinions on their AC and plumbing issues. All of our years in business has taught us one thing: community and customer commitment are the keys to long-term business success. To experience for yourself how near and dear we hold our company values, call (817) 367-2074 to schedule an appointment for residential or commercial service.